Welcome Speech

It is with great joy, and open arms of love, that we welcome you to NOBLE YOUTHS ASSOCIATION Inc.

Noble Youths: What is it all about?

May we humbly invite you to take a cursory look at our Society today; just a look over your shoulder and you will sure attest to the fact of an overwhelming stench of CHARACTER DECAY. In some cases it’s not just about decay, but a certain evident reality of absolute non-existence of any human value at all.

There’s now much more strong attraction to filth, and joining the bandwagon of shamelessness, and putrefaction, and evil tendencies; than aligning and staying aligned with Good and Light. As the days and years roll by, we are even beginning to notice a looming massive scarcity of where or whom to learn Good from. It has indeed turned out that majority of our past and present leaders have need to be led themselves. Many of today’s Teachers seem not to have learnt anything themselves. Many of those parenting children currently need to be re-parented, as we speak. Therefore, the fabric of our society is fast decaying, creating worse tear with every patch-attempt. This has been our situation; worsening as the days roll by.
We dare say; tearing up the Eyes of our Maker.

Help is therefore needed; for us all, but more so, for our Youths: the leaders of our future, who are born into this web of confusion, and caught in the pressure of this macabre dance.

If we do not stand to HELP THEM, they cannot help themselves.
If we do not help them, OUR CHILDREN cannot help it.

In fact, our Youths are daily confronted and harassed by circumstances and pressures they do not understand, and therefore cannot handle or manage. Some of these challenges are psychological, some physiological, some physical, some spiritual, some social. In many cases, as established above, not only do the Youths not understand, but those leading them or associating with them, have no clue too; a case of the blind leading the blind. The Holy Book (Bible) says that without fail; “they shall both fall into a pit”.

It is for this reason that the Lord etched it in our hearts, (in September 2002), to come together, join hands in partnership, and “HELP” our Youths “as They and march through the slippery paths”, navigating to adulthood in an environment rather very hostile to Good and Light.

We are therefore Called to help Mentor, Counsel, Coach, Intercede in prayers for, and birth a generation of Youths who are truly NOBLE and can firmly stand as antidote to the rampaging decay, and become rays of light and hope to their generation. Anchoring our confidence firmly in these words: …”Light shinneth in darkness; and darkness comprehendeth it not”. (John 1 vs 5).

Once again, Welcome; and do have fun while here.

Uzor Nwachukwu (M.I.L.D; KSC)
Founder / President.