How We Can Identify With Sinners

Nehemiah 1:6-7.
Topic: How We Can Identify With Sinners.

Nehemiah was heartbroken when he received word that the city walls of Jerusalem were in shambles and the people in great distress. He wept and fasted for days, all the while praying to God on behalf of the Jews.

The opening verses are part of this prayer, but interestingly,Nehemiah never views himself as an outside intercede for Israel, an equal party with the Jews in their disobedience.

We all can study the Bible and the whole book of Nehemiah to understand what he went through and what gave birth to the passion he has for the sinners.

People will not be drawn to Christ if we as his representatives through whom he lives and acts are judging and patronizing others, while camouflaging our own downfalls.

We are right to have concern for the godlessness of our society, but the biggest problem is not the sin out there, but the undealt with sin within ourselves.Jesus condemned attitudes of self-righteousness,but he ate with sinners and offered them forgiveness because they Recognized they had a problem. God knows we will never be perfect this side of heaven, but as he did with Nehemiah, he calls us to minister to others out of our failures, sin and brokenness, so they see the transformation taking place in our lives does not derive from our own merits, but relationship with Christ.

May God bless you all richly. Shalom.
From Evangelist Juliet Afamefuna Balogun.