Activity Details

Our Activities include:-

  1. Provision of effective Counselling opportunities / facilities, and hosting of seminars / webinars for Children and Youths in the society: especially those in Primary, Secondary (High School), and Tertiary institutions, on the following issues:
  • Drug abuse and Trafficking
  • Cultism / Occultism
  • Human Trafficking, forced labour, and Prostitution
  • Armed Robbery and Kidnapping.
  • STI’s and STD’s (HIV, AIDS, etc); Teenage Pregnancies and abortions.
  • Effective Leadership
  • Social Responsibility
  • Skills acquisition and Development.
  1. Provision of conducive facilities (Counseling / management locations, and A Youth Correction facility) for the effective management, Counseling, and Character re-engineering of juvenile delinquents, and the “too difficult to handle youths.”
  2. Provision of educational Scholarships for select youths (based on established criteria and specific guidelines); promotion of skills acquisition and development; and provision of Guidance / Counseling platforms and facilities, for Youths within our radar of influence and management; in order to help them achieve their innate potentials.
  3. Provision of Free Legal advice, Medical Aid, and Rehabilitation of Youth Members of the Organisation who have suffered any form of abuse or deprivation.