By: Sir Uzor Nwachukwu
(President / Founder: Noble Youth Association Inc.)

Rape is defined by the Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus as the crime of forcing a woman to submit to sexual intercourse against her Will. To violate, assault, dishonor, and force someone to have sex against their Will.

Recently it has become a daily happenstance for our sensibilities to be harassed, and our emotions ravaged rapaciously by very unsavoury, detestable, and gory tales of diverse rape cases in several parts of Nigeria. In so many instances, the victims are not only female youths, but most unbearably evil, the crime is committed against old grandmothers, little children, and EVEN BABIES. Gosh!

Cases have even been reported of “Fathers” raping their own daughters; Sons raping their mothers and Aunties; Uncles raping their little cousins; Pastors raping their Church members; Teachers raping their students; Friends setting up a gang rape of their friend. Just rape, rape, everywhere.

According to a publication on the 15th of June 2020, by Premium Times, an online print media, the Nigerian Police recorded 717 reported rape cases between January and May 2020. These are just the cases reported. Judging by our socio-cultural standards and convictions, it would be safe to assume that only about 20% of rape cases are actually reported to the police. These are frightening statistics.

A few weeks ago it was widely reported in the media how a young female student, Vera Omozuwa died in a Church in Benin City after she was attacked, raped, and killed.

In June this year, the Nigerian government declared a state of emergency on rape and sexual violence in all the 36 States of the Federation. It is that bad.


In our last lecture centred on ‘LUST’, I identified hard drugs and alcohol as two major contributors to the escalation of rape cases in our society today. I had expressly opined that a habit of ingesting, sniffing, smoking, or taking hard drugs; and unbridled consumption of alcohol is tantamount to always yielding your mind and soul to ‘controls’ beyond your control. Hard drugs and alcohol remove your inhibitions and place you in a cocoon of your own where you “fear no foe.” When your inhibitions are let down, you are practically put in a position where you can do and undo, at the same time, for the length of the period you are subject to the extraneous substance taken.
What is inhibition? Inhibition is simply the suppression or the conscious exclusion of unacceptable thoughts or desires that could, and really do, pop through the human imagination.
God has planted in every human being the instinct, the consciousness, of what is right and what is wrong. Once you introduce hard drugs into your system, you alter your natural psychological balance of morality, and become driven by fiery desires that demand gratification and satisfaction; depending on the end goal of the substance you have driven into your body system.
In these days we have noticed the extremely high rate of advertisement, open marketing, and sales of aphrodisiacs (sex or libido enhancing drugs) everywhere you turn to; even on conventional media: everywhere. You are almost hounded by them. Sex and immorality are being marketed in such brazen fashion that there is absolutely nothing left to imagination. It was not so during my own teen years in the 1980’s.
The male man, by the way Jehovah made him, is usually moved, or more appropriately with respect to the subject matter, aroused, by what he sees; and these trigger his imagination with lightning speed. Control over his mind and body, is only plausible if he has fully mastered the act of self control, or has become ‘fully spiritually mature’ and have received requisite grace to the point that he knows his bounds, and can say NO!, even in the face of extreme sensual provocations. Situations I refer to as tempestuous temptations. Such level of control, I must admit, is not very common, but sure exists, and there are many living examples.
God created man and installed in his soul certain psychological restrains that help him live a good and healthy life. Man therefore understands ordinarily, and immediately at birth, that his mother’s breast is his first food source; without receiving instructions from anyone, and without eyes that see at that moment. He understands that ordinarily he should not have sex with an animal just because an animal has a hole or an anus or a penis. He understands by instinct that he SHOULD NOT mate with his mother, and SHOULD NOT be sexually attracted to his Sisters or Daughters (even if he sees their nakedness). He should naturally not be attracted to them sexually the way he would be to other women not closely related by blood. Why, you ask? Because of BLOOD!
It is these retrains and inhibitions that hard drugs and alcohol throw out of the roof once you give them access to control; and allow them possess your body and soul.
The human soul is important to God, and that is why HE protects it with innately installed instincts, governing laws and precepts. It is for this importance that the devil too is interested in destroying the human soul; to destroy God’s investment and expectation. Your soul is your conscious mind; the engine room of your emotions and actions. So, once you lose control of it, and get yourself, by your actions or inactions, out of God’s protected environment in the soul/spirit realm, you have inadvertently opened doors for external forces to invade your system. Trouble is that, once they are in, they most usually would begin to exercise influence, then control, then dominion. Once you lose control and submit yourself to these evil forces they now flood your mind with their evil thoughts and schemes; make you act out their thoughts, and drive you to self-destruct.
Herein lies the aberration of Rape! Sex is meant to be enjoyed between two consenting adults – male and female (Husband and Wife). It is designed by God to be a consummation of heartfelt love and commitment between spouses as a token of the celebration of their oneness; or for procreation. Therefore, when a male, out of sheer animalistic drive forces himself on a female, without her consent, amidst the anger, bitterness, and tears of her very soul because of her violation; and the male himself constantly struggling to maintain control over his victim through violence and fear; where then is the enjoyment? It therefore could be effectively posited that Rape is essentially nothing more than a sexual act carried out in utter bitterness of a soul in worship of, at the behest, or to please the devil; the initiator and master minder of the act. A practical demonstration of submission to his desires and commands, which always are the very opposite of every of God’s commands, laws, and intent.
The state of the soul of the Rapist is even more depraved, pathetic, and pitiable when he chooses as his victim: an old woman, his daughter, his sister, his mother, or his aunt, or an infant.
Many Rapists try to justify the actions of their perverted selves by clinging to all sorts of excuses, such as:
• She flirts with me
• She likes to wear short or skimpy skirts and tops that reveal her cleavages
• She looks at me sexually
• She collects gifts from me
• Etc
These are all nothing but very stupid excuses.

In as much as we teach that all women (both young and elderly) should comport themselves well, and dress properly as not to become sources of temptation for the male, I strongly advocate too that every male should master control over his body, and keep his mind / imaginations under constant control.

Again, may I refer you to read my short Article on LUST, on our website (www.nobleyouthinc.org) and benefit from the counsels contained therein, which I believe could help tremendously anyone seeking to know where to start from, in the quest for self control.

Sir Uzor Nwachukwu.
July, 2020.