(SIR UZOR NWACHUKWU: President and Founder, Noble Youth Association Inc.)

The Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus defines LUST as a strong self indulgent sexual desire (personified as one of the deadly sins).
Lust is fully domiciled in the flesh of man (that is, mankind: both male and female), and fed through the mind or imagination, when permitted.
It is contained in the container called Self.
In my Book THE REAL YOU IN YOU (Published 2017) I opined, in a chapter captioned The Evil Of Seduction-, that one of mans fiercest enemies is the enemy called SELF. This is because the battle with Self is the battle fought from within. It is indeed a total war that demands Your All, and it rages right inside of your very being.
I further opined that the events recorded in the Bible Book of Genesis chapter 3 verse 1 -13 capture vividly the power of Self as an age-long technique of the devil. Verse 6 records And when the Woman SAW that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the EYES, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she TOOK . Eve could not handle the strong yearning of her flesh (because of an external force that had put enormous pressure on her body system and chemistry). The temptation of Self was too strong. The devil saw her weakness and pointedly, and consistently, shot his arrow at the very vital points until she yielded to her weakness.”
Overcoming Lust is a personal choice. It is not something that can be imposed on you.
You may need to first make up your mind, determine to handle it; then begin to work at the options available to you. Those options should be able to distract, replace, or totally uproot your lustful thoughts and imaginations. It calls for a complete change of mind-set.
However, the pertinent question, after all the definitions, and understanding of its root base, would still be: “How can I handle Lust?”
How can an individual who is already swimming in its deep and uncertain waters be able to keep it under strict check and control? Let’s go!

    It is widely accepted that puberty brings about certain physical and emotional changes in your body. Once the hormones start screaming they are evidenced in emotions; introducing, as part of their baggage, sexual feelings. This is part of your natural development process. You must understand that; because seeing it as un-natural and demonic may actually create very unhealthy mentality that could lead to frustrations and agony. What MUST, however, be fully understood too is the need to keep the crazy cravings under effective CONTROL; never allowing them to arrest your soul and spirit.
    Many times people take lightly the power of a heartfelt, sincere prayer. Since Lust has its root in the flesh, and flesh gladly responds to emotions (as its dearly beloved bride); and both flesh and emotions being part of the creative components with which you were formed, doesn’t it make sense to willingly run to your
    Maker when you get to the junction where your body begins to speak too much of diverse tongues than you can easily decode or conveniently interpret? Our Lord Jesus says in Matthew 7 vs. 7 “Ask, and you shall receive….” HE gives grace to overcome, in times of need.
    Always indulging in drugs and alcohol would mean always yielding your mind and your flesh to “controls” beyond your control. These removes your inhibitions, and place you in situations where you ‘fear no foe.’
    These are days where many youths and men would rather die using aphrodisiacs than heed any voice of wisdom. Be guided my friend.
    Keep your eyes, ears, and heart away from materials and thoughts that can ignite that tiny spark that can so very easily transform into a raging inferno. Stay away from pornography. It may turn out to be too deep a pit for your fragile soul.
    You must understand that life is not all about pleasing your flesh. There is much more to you than sexuality.
    You are a god. A living Spirit; with a Mission to fulfil on earth. Learn also to see others as Vessels of honour created by God, not mere mass of bodies for sex, or less.
    Whenever Lust screams, another effective way to handle it is to intentionally and forcefully distract yourself from its ranting. Try and focus on something else at that particular period. You could start playing an interesting game; or try to learn a new skill (eg: playing the Piano); or just take a long walk around your neighbourhood; or ride a bicycle around; or, just do something that exerts that energy. Focus on a healthy alternative until the rage burns out and things get normal again. I promise you that this technique will keep
    strengthening you until you master Control. If at any time you fail, do not give up, keep doing it until you perfect it.
    There is but a thin line between unrestrained and sustained Lust, and Rape, or Adultery, or Fornication, or Masturbation. All the aforementioned could bring you baggage you never bargained for. They could take you on long trips you didn’t pay for. They could force you to stay awake, when what you actually needed was a
    good sound sleep.
    Be wise; my friend.
    Thank You.
    (I will surely love to read your comments, or have your questions).
    SIr Uzor Nwachukwu.